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Here are the steps to participate:

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STEP #1: Commit!  Each individual will need to commit for the splash, whether on a team or an individual participant. You can mail or drop off the commitment form to the office at Greenwood Park Church of Christ at 1818 Campbell Ln.

STEP #2: Solicit and collect pledges! Ask friends, family and co-workers to pledge donations to support you as you are “Freezin’ for a Reason”! Each participant will need to collect the minimum amount in pledges. Instructions and forms can be found by visiting www.snowmansplash.com. All pledges need to be collected beforehand and brought to check-in. Receipts will automatically be issued for pledges over $250 and if otherwise requested (if the contact name and address is provided and legible).

STEP #3: Read and sign the Waiver and Release Form. All participants are required to read and sign the waiver. Participants under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver. The Waiver and Release form can also be found online at www.snowmansplash.com. We encourage everyone to submit this in advance for a quicker check-in process the day of the event. Once the waiver is confirmed at check-in, participants will receive a wristband in order to enter the splash area.

STEP #4: Bring the signed waiver, pledge form and pledges with you to the check-in on the day of the event between 10:00-11:00. You will receive additional instructions and your prize incentives.

STEP #5: Have FUN!!




·         Create a team with family, friends or co-workers

·         Teams may consist of Snowmen, Snowflakes, or a combination of both.

·         Assign a Team Captain.

·         All participants on the team must pre-register. You will be able to assign each participant to a team online or via the commitment form.

·         Create a team name.

·         Design a crazy team costume-remember costumes cannot be heavy or bulky.

·         Challenge similar organizations to see who can raise more pledges or create a larger team.

·        If you are fundraising as a team and all members plan to share the overall amount raised, please indicate this on the commitment form. The total amount raised will be divided among each participant on the team and prize incentives awarded accordingly. The team will need to collect the minimum amount for each participant. For example, if the minimum is $20 and you have 5 participants on your team, you will need a minimum of $100.

·         Each participant must check-in individually. Team captains cannot check-in for all members.

Click the button below to download the registration packet (.pdf)